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Discover Balanced HR

At Companies in Balance we are experts in scalable growth, wherever you are on the journey. We help business leaders build a company that's flexible, effective and engaging. We work collaboratively with your team to craft solutions that work in real life.


I'm Riikka, the founder of Companies in Balance. As a HR leader I have delivered fast scale-up, business and culture transformation and built HR functions from scratch in a variety of B2B sectors, such as marketing, media, technology, life sciences and professional services.


I know it’s a drain on your energy when you don’t have the right HR in place. Generic rules and processes or the latest fad are not helping your efforts for success. I believe HR should be streamlined and aligned to your strategy and culture. Then people have the support and alignment to best serve your clients. 

Companies in Balance was born when I saw businesses wasting energy and diluting their success due to extremes and blind spots in how they operate with people. Not to mention de-motivating employees and, at worst, affecting their wellbeing.


This is why, even in business, I know it takes holistic thinking to be healthy and profitable!

By looking at the full picture, we can adjust people, culture and leadership towards 

balance: a dynamic state of optimum function.

We have been working on our internal company goals and HR processes, on keeping the culture we want we as we get bigger, our contracts and policies so that they better reflect who we are and where we are going. 
We're launching new ways of peer buddying, 360 degree feedback, positive accountability and more.
I can't recommend Riikka and Companies in Balance enough!

Richard Freeman, CEO, always possible

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