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HR Consultancy for Progressive SME's

You're embracing modern ways of working so traditional HR is not enough. We get it.

You need approaches that are flexible and empowering. We partner with you to offer support and shape solutions that suit the kind of company you want to build. 

We make things light-weight and pragmatic, with a holistic outlook. Not just addressing symptoms but

root causes to organisation health. This is how we help companies get to optimum energy and balance, where your business and people are free to achieve their best.

When your company is out of balance...

Missing the right HR solutions to drive our strategy and culture.

Time wasted on unclear priorities and disjointed initiatives.

Struggle to recruit, retain and develop the talent we need.

Half-hearted performance and settling for the status quo.


The truth is, when companies lack balance, employees are unable to focus their energy on what matters most. 

By aligning your HR with strategy and culture,

you build the company you want to be: 

Leadership practices that drive business goals and target culture.

Effective organisation with joined-up objectives and responsibilities.

A positive working environment that attracts and retains diverse people.

Better performance, adaptability and innovation from everyone.

We have been working on our internal company goals and HR processes, on keeping the culture we want we as we get bigger, our contracts and policies so that they better reflect who we are and where we are going. 
We're launching new ways of peer buddying, 360 degree feedback, positive accountability and more.
I can't recommend Riikka and Companies in Balance enough!

Richard Freeman, CEO, always possible

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