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People Operations

Your core people operations and organisation design are the foundation for a stable and effective business. They bring clarity, security and professionalism.

Yet your policies and processes don't have to be boring, but match the tone of your culture! We believe in making it simple, not a bloated admin monster. 

And your organisation structure doesn't have to be rigid and hierarchical. We have the experience to help even if you're looking at non-traditional management.

Why don't we hand-pick the right package for you?

We can support you with

  • Starter pack for employing people

  • Core processes like Induction, Recruitment, Performance, Salary Reviews and Development

  • HR Information System implementation

  • Organisation Design and Role Profiles

  • Self-managed teams

  • Agile organisation models

  • Resolving interpersonal and team working issues

  • Ongoing HR support for leaders AND employees

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